Bletchley Park Badge

Eligibility for Bletchley Park Badge,
Second World War…Canada 2014

 “Y”- (for “Wireless”) Service: the Listening Servicean organization just as secret as Bletchley Park during the war.  Without it, however, the Allies would have known nothing of the enemy’s military intentions

  • In the case of the WRCNS W/T SO’s:-in Canada, at Gloucester or Coverdale, or at Gordon Head.
  • LORAN stations,  Baccaro or Deeming whether in the ops room, the ‘Z’ room or the shacks.  

From Bletchley Park the following selected information:

On behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, GCHQ is delighted to recognize the vital service of those who worked at Bletchley Park and its outstations during World War II by presenting surviving veterans with a commemorative badge. These outstations include Canada.

If you know of anyone who served in this capacity (this includes WRENS)  please note the contact.

The names of those who would have been eligible for recognition but are deceased can be submitted for inclusion in an Honour Roll. Instructions and other details on how to apply for the badge can found in the following web page:

{ This Badge comes through the United Kingdom Government.}