‘Navy Lady’ Rose

Navy Lady‘Navy Lady’ is a trademarked Rose bush and will be available in the Spring 2016.
The Grower is JC Bakker and Sons, Limited of St Catharines, Ontario.
Please contact your local retail garden store and request one for your own garden.


Here’s the round up of the project as a whole…

ACTM Navy Lady and/ or 1910-2010 Canadian Naval Centennial Rose.
Wren Association of Toronto took this project on on behalf of all the Wren Associations across Canada. The associations have no national group just a loose network.
We became project coordinators between the Grower and Naval organizations and the Naval Centennial Group.
The rose is trademarked by Agriculture and Agri Food Canada and will have trademark protection for the duration. [ie many years]. JC Bakker and Sons Limited, have the exclusive growing rights.
It is said ‘excellent quantities’ will be available each year.

Our aim was to promote, and make the information known regarding the project set us by the Centennial Group.
The number of plants was contingent on timing as there is a lead time to get a rose bush to market and therefore we targeted Naval Organizations and Events. 3500 rose bushes were produced in 2010.
Most of the events which included a planting of the rose were initiated by Naval Groups or persons.
The royalty on the trademark will go to Agriculture Canada for trademark and rose plant, and the costs for producing the rose were taken up by JC Bakker and Sons Limited who provided the care and expertise as an enterprise and will recover costs.
Wrens and friends, and naval organizations promoted their own events including the planting and use of the rose for their own purposes.
The Wren organizations will receive no monies from this project.
Because of limited number of plants. we did not promote the rose to the Public at large in 2010
The Centennial Rose is may be used as a Remembrance, Celebration, or Event rose in the future.

Rose Committee Wren Association of Toronto


First Planting

The first planting of the 1910-2010 Canadian Naval Centennial Rose ACTM Navy Lady took place at the Wardroom at CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, British Columbia, March 8, 2010.

This early event featured three rose bushes planted in tubs on the Wardroom patio.

Naval /Civic Planting 

The largest number of roses plantings of 40 rose bushes, was May 15, 2010 in a Memorial Park in Sackville New Brunswick, the namesake town of HMCS Sackville.

The Canadian Memorial Trust-Second World War corvette is docked at Halifax and was visited by HM the Queen in 2010.

Official Planting

Historical recognition and Blessing of the 1910-2010 Canadian Naval Centennial Rose ACTM Navy Lady, took place at a lovely well attended ceremony May 16, 2010 wherein,.

12 rose bushes were planted in Cambridge Ontario, at the Libraries and Galleries,in front of the Jenny Wren Statue.

Galt-Cambridge is where most of the WRCNS Second World War, started basic Naval training.