Beds for Modern and Allied Vets at Sunnybrook

There are some new developments at Sunnybrook.

30 more beds for Modern and Allied Vets have been assigned by VAC.
This brings the total to 80 beds.

There are still a number of vacancies for WWII and Korean Vets.

We urgently need your help to get the word out to fill up these beds.

Please send this to your friends, relatives, etc.

If you know someone who may qualify, here is the phone number to call:  1-800-268-7708.

Wren Memorabilia

Wrens have items at Toronto City Archives on Spadina Rd near Castle Loma. The organization memorabilia ie Jenny Wren Letters and membership files, Wren Association of Toronto notebooks with photos,and similar.

York Association (HMCS York) Toronto has been formed. Two former wrens are on Executive. We turned over to it most of the Wren Locker…ie photos and such. There is a museum room at York but you may have to make arrangements to get in.

RCMI, Royal Canadian Military Institute, has some collections of Naval memorabilia and has a large Library of many books. On University near Dundas in Toronto. Make arrangements to see by calling.

CMHM Canadian Military Heritage Museum, has the physical collection re uniforms etc.and naval memorabilia and a small library…in Brantford. Check opening times. small fee.

U of T University of Toronto, has the soldiers tower in the University. The Law School occupies the former Wren Quarters. Soldiers Tower has a wren stained glass window and small artifacts in the Tower.

Cambridge Archives in Cambridge [Galt] has wren fonds..these are called up items. Short Hours need appointment. Most of the real archive in paper etc are here. Including postwar, uk and all the original photos etc.

Branksome Hall, Toronto, a girls private school provided a few Wren recruits. as did University of Toronto.

See also Museums and Archives.