Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine!


The time has come for all good Wrens – and their descendants – to show they had heeded the call.

It is 78 years since the WRCNS began and this year in the time of Covid 19 pandemic, many of our them are in their 90s and sadly leaving us at an accelerated rate.

It is the time to request that our Wrens or their children, consider their historical connection to the Royal Canadian Navy as one of the 6783 WRCNS – a small group but mighty.

A draft Volume of all the Women who joined the WRCNS during Second World War is nearing completion. Where known, this lists their service number, maiden, married, first and nicknames, rank and trade.

A Second volume now underway will describe their times and lives in the service and will include photos, histories, memoirs, etc, which will tell the stories in the words of the Wrens themselves, wherever possible.

To date, the maiden names of some 800 Wrens can not be matched with their married names.

These women varied in age from just 18 to 45. In a time of crisis, they answered the call to service.

Do you hold any Wren photos, trivia, biographies, memoirs, notes, memorabilia or documents, of yourself, your aunt, cousin, sister or your mother, or even your grandmother? If so, please let us know so we can make arrangements to obtain copies of such items.

Tell us what you have.

Write to:

LCdr D Freeman, RCN Ret’d
CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum
PO 1700 Station Forces
Victoria, BC
V9A 7N2

Or, Send an email via this web site:

Attn: D Freeman

Out Pipes! All hands on deck. Step lively there!

NOTE: This invitation will ONLY be open to 31 JANUARY 2022.



There is no national Wren organization though there were a number of separate ones across Canada… sadly depleting. The average Wartime Wren WRCNS is at least 89. Return of Wrens was 1952 and up to 1966/7, then became CF Maritime Command.

2017 is 75th anniversary of the founding of the Wrens.

Our members are WRCNS, and Wrens as named, but includes UK WRNS, Canadian RCN and RCNR and CF and the return of RCN.
Sadly the CF interrupted the wrens and this broke the chain with newer members not following the traditional Wrens.

All Wartime, Post War and Peacetime Wrens and Naval Women may apply for Veterans compensation.

Reserve Wrens or CF [Reserve] wrens may not know they are ‘Veterans’ and may have a connection to the system.
A VETERAN should have served a specific time and be honourably discharged.

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