Preston Scout House Alumni Band

The Preston Scout House Alumni Band [Cambridge] is a Continuation of the Preston Scout Band that played Sunday Marching Music for the WRENS in Galt during the training sessions during World War II.

The Preston Scout House (Alumni) Band is an award winning band with a distinctive knees-up marching style, with fully extended arms swinging to shoulder height, which was developed during the World War II years. When on Sunday morning church parades, the band would accompany members of the local Women’s Royal Canadian Navy Service (WRENS – WRCNS) to services. The marching style produced a comfortable, biting pace that made Scout House look different from every other drum and bugle corps in North America. In the 1950s and ’60s, the use of B flat horns also made the Band sound different from the other drum and bugle corps of the day.

We tried to get this band for the Rose dedication in Cambridge in 2010. It did not happen. We had a Sea cadet Band, they were very good too.