There is no national Wren organization though there were a number of separate ones across Canada… sadly depleting. The average Wartime Wren WRCNS is at least 89. Return of Wrens was 1952 and up to 1966/7, then became CF Maritime Command.

2017 is 75th anniversary of the founding of the Wrens.

Our members are WRCNS, and Wrens as named, but includes UK WRNS, Canadian RCN and RCNR and CF and the return of RCN.
Sadly the CF interrupted the wrens and this broke the chain with newer members not following the traditional Wrens.

All Wartime, Post War and Peacetime Wrens and Naval Women may apply for Veterans compensation.

Reserve Wrens or CF [Reserve] wrens may not know they are ‘Veterans’ and may have a connection to the system.
A VETERAN should have served a specific time and be honourably discharged.


1.That one must HAVE a Service Number, and then open a SERVICE K file regardless of, when served, where served, and good health and welfare today. The OPEN FILE means [as memory deteriorates] a possible entrance into the systems if required at later date.

2. A MEMORY file/diary of time in service should be completed for the forms, and in addition PHOTOCOPIES of all records, service papers and if an injury or incident took place OR some confirmation from person who knew the incident if it were not recorded.

3. The Local Royal Canadian Legion Service Representative in your area will help you fill out the forms… of which there are many and are detailed. Let them know. DO IT NOW EVEN IF YOU DON’T NEED IT NOW…IT WILL FACILITATE LATER.

4. Any ‘Veteran’ who served may be eligible for Disability Pension, work related or onset from work related AND IF service has been over seas/in conflict, and documented, may be entitled to full or partial Veterans Pension or Disability Pension.
Others may qualify for Veterans accommodation or minimum services.

5. Once your application is made via the Legion, the Legion can speak/intervene on your behalf.

6. Do it now, If you served in Military in any capacity…you are entitled to apply. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT NEED THE SERVICE NOW.

UK Wrens may apply via the Legion although their paperwork will go to UK services for additional help in Canada.
No guarantees—just some advice.

Time changes all benefits and qualifications…one may not qualify now but would later and if can be proven Veterans Affairs should decide if any compensation or benefits suit the person.
You may not need it now…but you may later. It is better if you have an ‘ open file.’